Gurnard’s Head ~ A poem by Alison Lock

Gurnard’s Head

From Gurnard’s Head I stare
at a flawless day: the blues
of swirling azure, the deep
shades of a lapis sea.

I know this place – all
of its below, its beyond
– the ways it pivots.
I feel/fear nothing.

These granite rocks
are the gate-keepers
to the falling, the flying,
where I am left to float.

Alison Lock

Previously published in Revealing the Odour of Earth, Calder Valley Poetry, 2017.

Alison Lock’s writing focuses on the relationship of humans and the environment connecting an inner world with an exploration of land and sea. Her most recent publications are a short story collection A Witness of Waxwings, Cultured Llama Press (2017); and Revealing the Odour of Earth, Calder Valley Poetry (2017). She tweets @alilock4

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