TRANSITION ~ A poem by John Short


Around the Mani

In those days no attempt
to catch the solitude
of dark peninsulas
snaking into ocean
when viewed from paths
to higher ground
and my broken old house
as rough as dusk-light.

They were barren times
now looking back,
but lack of inspiration
was eclipsed by geography
that took me on a ride
so when traversing
an emptiness of heart
thank god for wild places:

the sea-hammered cliffs,
blue lavender hills
and scattered pockets
of pebble coves
that lay unreachable
a distance below;
thorny goat-scrub, oregano,
images that root
and lodge in memory
while paper waits for ink.

John Short

John Short’s poems and stories have appeared widely in magazines such as Barcelona Ink, Envoi, Blue Nib, Frogmore Papers, The High Window, Orbis and Poetry Salzburg Review. Nominated for the Pushcart Prize last year, his debut pamphlet Unknown Territory will be published by Black Light Engine Room in 2020.

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