Saint Ninian’s Cave ~ A poem by Martin Locock

Saint Ninian’s Cave

After the narrow valley
The stream dips
Beneath the beach shingle

Over to the west
A rock shelf rises
To a dark triangle

The ancient shrine
So described, at least,
A shallow cave

A place of pilgrimage
Penitence, contemplation
Gratitude for safe return

Little here to stir the soul
I think; sea, sky, stone
But nothing special

Have come before
They left objects

The serious have fashioned
Twig crosses, knotted
By twisted grass

Martin Locock

Martin Locock was born in Barrow-in-Furness in what is now Cumbria and was once Lancashire North of the Sands. He has lived near Swansea in South Wales for 30 years. He has published extensively on archaeological topics, and has written five collections of poetry, the most recent being Margin of Hope. He edited the anthology Poetry from Strata Florida: an anthology of work inspired by the Ystrad Fflur landscape, c. 1350-2013. He is currently working on a second novel while trying to publish his first. He is a member of Lampeter Writers’ Workshop. He tweets @mlocock

Photo credit; View from St Ninian’s Cave © Adam Brooks

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