The Beach Hut

‘Listen to the sound of the waves within you’ ~ Rumi

Welcome… we are lovers of the sea, the surf and the beach huts. The ice cream, the seagulls, the sandcastles, the seaweed. We are all about nature, it’s power and its inspiration… we are words that hug the waves, then explode on a high tide. We want the hidden (under rocks), the flotsam, the jetsam. We want you… to be inspired by coastal surroundings. Breathe life into words. And, if it helps you along the way, to heal, to empower, we will do our very best to applaud you, your writing, your love, your healing, through poetry, flash fiction or the odd short story.

Please visit our Submissions page for further details on how to submit.

We do not claim to be able to showcase upon a sandy beach, neither can we pay for such submissional delights, however, we are hoping in the near future to hold competitions that will have a small monetary reward for the winner. Watch this space!

We hope you will enjoy writing at the beach hut.

The Beach Hut

  • Coastal writing for wellness competition is now open…

    18th Feb 2020 by

    Our inaugural coastal writing for wellness competition is now open. Sole adjudicator: Deborah Harvey There are few rules other than the subject of your writing should be inspired by the coast, nature and all it encompasses. How you decide to interpret this is up to you, providing your piece is either a poem (maximum of… Read more

  • Saint Ninian’s Cave ~ A poem by Martin Locock

    18th Feb 2020 by

    Saint Ninian’s Cave After the narrow valleyThe stream dipsBeneath the beach shingle Over to the westA rock shelf risesTo a dark triangle The ancient shrineSo described, at least,A shallow cave A place of pilgrimagePenitence, contemplationGratitude for safe return Little here to stir the soulI think; sea, sky, stoneBut nothing special OthersHave come beforeThey left objects… Read more

  • Gurnard’s Head ~ A poem by Alison Lock

    17th Feb 2020 by

    Gurnard’s Head From Gurnard’s Head I stareat a flawless day: the bluesof swirling azure, the deepshades of a lapis sea. I know this place – allof its below, its beyond– the ways it pivots.I feel/fear nothing. These granite rocksare the gate-keepersto the falling, the flying,where I am left to float. Alison Lock Previously published in… Read more

  • TRANSITION ~ A poem by John Short

    15th Feb 2020 by

    TRANSITION Around the Mani In those days no attemptto catch the solitudeof dark peninsulassnaking into oceanwhen viewed from pathsto higher groundand my broken old houseas rough as dusk-light. They were barren timesnow looking back,but lack of inspirationwas eclipsed by geographythat took me on a rideso when traversingan emptiness of heartthank god for wild places: the… Read more

  • Two poems by ~ Simon Williams

    14th Feb 2020 by

    Morning Blue Sea and sky in their acrylics,before the surfers take their palette knivesand carve their abstracts through the white crests before the fishing boats make a collage,dragging their glue of nets through the tide’s pot,highlighting their decks with silver, before the pointillism of peoplein their primary pants and tops,their windbreaks like Kandinskys, there is… Read more

  • Submissions are now CLOSED

    14th Feb 2020 by

    We welcome submissions of poetry, flash fiction and the occasional short story that specifically, and also loosely, follows a coastal theme. Use your imagination! We enjoy pieces that are contemporary and that may have been hiding under rocks for fear of being discovered. We particularly celebrate writing that has healed, or been part of a… Read more

  • Hebridean Seaweed Soup ~ A poem by Bruach Mhor

    10th Feb 2020 by

    Hebridean Seaweed Soup Sea Whistle? A broth of Dead Man’s Rope?A fusion of Fucus flavours:Bladderwrack, Spiral Wrack, Channelled Wrack? Or perhaps a mash of Devil’s Apron/bulbous prongs of Velvet Horn?Something named only in Gaelic, with a little garlic?Each summer evening, after a long Atlantic swim(no skins), I cook and try the day’s find,ranging ever further… Read more

  • BALTIMORE, COUNTY CORK ~ A poem by Maureen Weldon

    7th Feb 2020 by

    BALTIMORE, COUNTY CORK That day,sky, mountains, cliffs and glorious wind-swept air. How could I not dance?Dance among sea pinks and spongy grasses. Climb sheer rugged rocks.‘To the Beacon,’ my friend called. There, secure between two boulders, I looked down,down on smoke-blue, sun-diamond sea. Maureen Weldon Previously published in Poetry Space Winter Showcase 2016, Edited by… Read more

  • Comino ~ A poem by Graham Burchell

    6th Feb 2020 by

    Comino One hill of a rock worried with holesand margined with turquoise sea. One crusty cheese, a brie perhaps, pecked at,punctuated with moulds of olive and grey. One infant between its mother Gozoand its father Malta: one Comino (cumin seed), a dry childholding its head above water, one at peace in the smell of its… Read more

  • Tuscan Sea Scenes ~ A poem by Jenny Robb

    5th Feb 2020 by

    Tuscan Sea Scenes The Caribbean white sands of Vadahave lost their spring banks of seaweed.Fishing lines and tattered plastic lacemingle with towels and migrant menpatrolling and selling, wave after wave. In Rosignano Solvaythe factory with its pluming towersreleases bi-carbonate wasteinto turquoise sea.Tuscan town and village life survives. In Pomaia red-robed buddhist monksmeditate, watching fieldsroll down… Read more

  • Sea Salt Breath ~ A poem by Ryan Dodge

    5th Feb 2020 by

    Sea Salt Breath The closer I growto the land of sand,the unmistakable scent of salty air;natural, cleansing, freshness.Each breath of serenity fills my lungs and mind;old pains swept awaystraight out to sea. I know they’ll besent back to me;waves come and go. But my home is the shoreon the edgeof blue eternity. Ryan Dodge Ryan… Read more

  • The wading bird ~ A poem by Gail Ingram

    3rd Feb 2020 by

    The wading bird When I think of bitterns, I’m sadI haven’t seen one since that time I mucked outthe horse paddocks. I was 12. It lived in the boundary ditch.I don’t think it looked at me but I studied itfor quite some time. Long neck, the most striking thingfeathers dappled brown beak pointed upwards, gulletexposed… Read more

  • Wooden Lady ~ A poem from Penelope Shuttle’s forthcoming collection ~ Lyonesse

    1st Feb 2020 by

    Penelope Shuttle lives in Cornwall, and is President of the Falmouth Poetry Group. She has published many collections of poems, most recently Lzrd: Poems from The Lizard Peninsula (with Alyson Hallett) November 2018, IDP, and Will You Walk a Little Faster? Bloodaxe, May 2017. Forthcoming: Lyonesse, from Bloodaxe, Spring 2021. Tweeting as @penelopeshuttle Photo… Read more

  • Before The Rot Sets In ~ A poem by Alun Robert

    30th Jan 2020 by

    Before The Rot Sets In Cut. Sliced. Planed. I weathered in a drying yardseasoned with my siblings.Preserved for my strength, my close grain.Chosen by my master. Thought I would be here for a year or twonot decades, but I am.Experienced proxigen tides.The storm of ’53.Waves crashingintense flooding.Dutchmen flying loose from their moorings. Have longitudinal cracks… Read more

  • I married sea glass ~ A poem by Rachel Burns

    29th Jan 2020 by

    I married sea glass Bean green and smooth in the handthe taste of salt on my lips.A gabble of gulls flocked whiteas I walked with the tidepast shipwrecks, past the drowned.Swam with bottlenose dolphinsand harbour sealsuntil the chains of the shipwreckscaught in my hairpulled me downsaltwater filled my lungs.The drowned gathered to watch.I held the… Read more

  • BEACHING ~ A poem by Jennifer McGowan

    28th Jan 2020 by

    BEACHING Pebbles and bonenot yet ground to sandchirp and tumble in chorus. A sharp crack:one dividing,a step closer to land. Tides drill keyholesinto the rocks. No keywill ever open them into a bloody chamber,or any new world.One last time we walk hand in handthrough the salt-sting. Jennifer McGowan Obtaining her MA and PhD from the… Read more

  • Coasting ~ A poem by Chaucer Cameron

    26th Jan 2020 by

    Coasting Gretna Greenshe still believesin fairytales pier on fireonly mud beneath waveskittiwakes hover silent moviethe house next doorhas no blinds sunset in wintersudden downpourthey make a lovely couple empty beachwhite sand between toes Chaucer Cameron Chaucer Cameron has been published in journals and online including: The North 63 (forthcoming) and I am Not a Silent… Read more

  • At Anchor, Las Cuevitas ~ A poem by Katy McKinney

    25th Jan 2020 by

    At Anchor, Las Cuevitas This is not one of those nightswhen the empty wine bottlewill lurch from the tablethen roll to the left, roll to the right(for hours,) when the wind will playthe stays and shrouds, wail unearthly harmonics,when the unlatched cupboards will spew their platesto shatter on the floor. This is not one of… Read more

  • Found Footsteps in the Sand ~ A poem by Sheila Aldous

    24th Jan 2020 by

    Found Footsteps in the Sand Found the trails of molluscswashed away before the tidecould tell their tale Found the cormorantstill as a statuehis ebony body, talking Found a tree its leavesthe hair of a dead dogfloating by Found the seagull hoveringlanding his message:this log is my log Found the sealgrinning up closespreading his word Found… Read more

  • TRACKS ~ A poem by John Grey

    21st Jan 2020 by

    TRACKS Tracks come easy to the world…a line of forks in snow,dour imprints in the mud,tiny blots on shifting sand.My footprints are forgottenthe moment they are madebut these spoors speak ofmovement, hunger, the camaraderieof flocks and packs and herds.The paw is a mighty story teller.The hoof speaks from an hour before.Talons are brief messagesfor heads… Read more

  • From Brean Down ~ A poem by Sharon Phillips

    20th Jan 2020 by

    From Brean Down The puddled beach reflects a cloudthat floats off to glistening mudflats,then to Steep Holm, Flat Holm, Walesover water thick and brown with silt, though from the Down, you can seehow the murky waves catch the lightso a blue lustre glazes their crestsand a day long forgotten comes back: brown sea with a… Read more

  • Dolphins ~ A poem by Peter Burrows

    19th Jan 2020 by

    Dolphins How many years were we so close, passing by these same villages on family drives: the harbour, the beach, climbing rocks unseeing beyond our own world. No helpful signs back then that such wonders we thought existed only on TV were chasing shoals along this same stretch, each summer. Fleeting moments missed – a… Read more

  • Starfish ~ A poem by Pippa Little

    17th Jan 2020 by

    Starfish Draped akimboon warm stone, limp asgingerbread or Hands of Glory – after turn of tideleft curled in yellow bucketsdrying out, old socksbeside a picnic: in half lightas day recedessomething stirs –nothing to see they liftas oneand flit, weary spaceshipsfar from home. Pippa Little Pippa Little has two collections, Overwintering (Carcanet 2012) and Twist (Arc… Read more

  • WE WALK THE BEACH ~ A poem by Gareth Culshaw

    16th Jan 2020 by

    WE WALK THE BEACH That day on the beach at Llandanwg.The sky pressing itself against the sea,pushed waves from the other sideof this eye we call earth. Our soles grappledwith pebbles, eyesight – splintered bythe lemon light. We talked with the gullsthat promised rain but brought a gust.Seaweed – wet dreadlocks of a historywe have… Read more

  • The Collectors ~ A poem by Alison Jones

    15th Jan 2020 by

    The Collectors Brighton beach, midsummer, the elements caress each other, as if winning attention is a great competition.Which piece of plastic shines brightest on the rocks? Beneath a steel grey sky, beside gunmetal shimmer, we walk, leaning into the wind, ice-cream and fairingsour worthy ballast. We carry the remains in a sturdy cloth bag. Busily,… Read more

  • Seaside ~ A poem by Paul Brookes

    14th Jan 2020 by

    Seaside at seven gob full of stickypink cloud, sucks on columnof lettered sugar, gigglesin mechanical whirl. at seventeen lugs full of raucous beatfills our no confidence,and, if lucky, a fumblein the wet between her thighsbeneath the pier. at fifty seven, another beachof quiet silver haired contentmenta bench of rich silenceto admire the soft waves lapand… Read more

  • One Summer: Orcas in the Bay ~ A poem by Wes Lee

    13th Jan 2020 by

    One Summer: Orcas in the Bay We began excitedly moving out of the sea —not in a furious tumble the way we would at the sight of a shark. Lines of cars stopped on the road, people climbing out to raise their hands above their eyes. A swirling fracas as they thrashed under the waves.… Read more

  • Clouds Reflected ~ A poem by Angela Topping

    11th Jan 2020 by

    Clouds Reflected Even a puddle can do this:become a piece of skylayered with treesbeside the wild garlic. Angela Topping Angela Topping has 8 collections and 4 pamphlets of poetry to her name. She is a former Writer in Residence at Gladstone’s Library, and her work has appeared in quality journals and over 100 anthologies. She… Read more

  • A Conference Of Crows ~ A poem by Paul Waring

    10th Jan 2020 by

    A Conference Of Crows They paint black coatson fence poles, perchedclose to the waterfront arms behind backsstern as schoolmasters in gowns at assembly stare fearless into wind raging from Irish Seataking turns to caw strategy in corvid code. A morning conference with murderous intent – shared intelligenceabout feeding grounds,comings and goings and timing of raids… Read more

  • Lyngbakr ~ A poem by Dominic Weston

    9th Jan 2020 by

    Lyngbakr An Icelander, eight centuries past, wrote of a sea beast so vastthat heather, perhaps even trees, took root across its back – looming above the Arctic waters it could be perilouslymistaken for an island In northern Botswana the stark rise and fall of Sable Hill breakslike a whale’s back above the eternally flat and… Read more

  • On Walking to Fleet Church ~ A poem by Tee Francis

    7th Jan 2020 by

    On Walking to Fleet Church We trod the ancient coastal pathwarm-baked on an April Sunday.Felt the thud of our feet lay downthe desk-bound work of a digital week.Swung the wind-worn kissing gate,The Fleet stretched out its long sand arm,held us close in the glistening heat. Oystercatchers, egrets and ternsstalked the Chesil Beach lagoonwhile we turned… Read more

  • Sea Dreams ~ Flash Fiction by Angi Holden

    6th Jan 2020 by

    Sea Dreams ‘Describe it to me,’ the therapist says.She leans back against the cool black leather and closes her eyes.‘It’s always the same,’ she says. ‘There’s a long, flat beach. Sand the palest gold you could imagine. As far as you can see, no-one. Not a soul. The sea is so far out it would… Read more

  • Busking on Broadstairs Beach ~ A poem by Lesley Quayle

    3rd Jan 2020 by

    Busking on Broadstairs Beach The night was liquid,a sultry, heady brewwhen we unlocked the music,cool plains of saxand smoky coilsof rhythm from an old guitar,no rush when the song,smooth as a dark river,smooched the air. Out across gold watercruised by moonand the whisky glowof the promenade lights,it streamed like sparks,grazing sea now and then,laidback, sighing.… Read more

  • Méduses ~ A poem by Dru Marland

    2nd Jan 2020 by

    Méduses Some things the sea gives back to you;Blue of the sky, the odd drowned thing;And sometimes when it’s resting between stormsYou can lean over the gunwale,Peer down through a silenceThat at first seems blackBut is an endless absence,With distant galaxies of jellyfish. Dru Marland Dru Marland used to work at sea on big ships… Read more

  • Vacation ~ Flash Fiction by Helen Laycock

    24th Dec 2019 by

    Vacation Dorothy Anderson loved and feared the sea in equal measure. She whiled away long summer days in a striped chair, placed in the doorway of her candy-coloured beach hut. Today, her pleasure had been derived from watching a family, the parents relaxing in deckchairs, the little girl building and decorating sandcastles, and the boy… Read more

  • Annabel ~ A poem by Hilary Robinson

    21st Dec 2019 by

    Annabel We pretend she’s a girl, teach her to read. She goes to school, has human friendsbut we know one day we’ll lose her to the sea. We learn to be patient, sit through hoursof seal displays at parks and zoos, rememberthat first time she called to them. How they called back. People notice when… Read more

  • REFUGEES ~ A poem by Patrick Osada

    20th Dec 2019 by

    REFUGEES Escaping gunfire from the sea,fear and blind panic drove them onlike any other refugees.Without the loadstar of their lives –away from the familiar –they travelled unseen through the nightfrom far beyond the ocean’s swell. Singing, they kept their spirits high,they passed Black Rock and Castle Pointto swing into the broad Porthcuel…Beyond moored boats with… Read more

  • Maryport sea-wall ~ A poem by Sarah L Dixon

    18th Dec 2019 by

    Maryport sea-wall On one sidethe disused railwaymeasured how muchour legs had grown. Three steps between runners.Two.One easy stride. The wall offers shelterfrom needles, broken glass, condoms. We turn sideways to inch through the gap. To find shells, sea-glassand have our hair pulled high and hardby Irish sea squalls. It is not the placefor loose-fitting hats,full… Read more

  • The blue lagoon – Abereiddy ~ A poem by Penny Sharman

    17th Dec 2019 by

    The blue lagoonAbereiddy Here’s a different shade of sea, sanctuary,her flooded quarry of blue and green,her depths of being alone by cliffs. Here’s where divers and seekers come,the cormorants and shags, they bombmemories into clay and volcanic ash. Here’s a wealth of blue, hypnotic pool,myth of slate and salted water, togethera depth of turquoise, teal,… Read more

  • Night in a beach cave ~ A poem by Jackie Biggs

    16th Dec 2019 by

    Night in a beach cave While I waitgrains of sand trickle over skin, surround all my body.As I sink into the hollow rocks settle around meand creak into comfy darkness. Water bleeds from hanging wallsdrips slow down slopes, rock pleats into the push and shoveof sedimentary beds, flow-folded platesdisplaced into intense creases of stress deformation,… Read more

  • Thorpeness to Aldeburgh ~ A poem by Hannah Stone

    14th Dec 2019 by

    Thorpeness to Aldeburgh Crepuscular walk through birch woods,past the windmill and the house in the clouds.Bracken ignited by the setting sun, and,at the edge of a red field,tractor ruts you could lose a shoe in.The track is undecided between sand and mud;where land runs out, I shift between beach and path.The sky sucks up the… Read more

  • Sea Lover ~ Flash Fiction by Penny Blackburn

    13th Dec 2019 by

    Sea Lover Janey thinks he’s a bit of a hunk, but there’s something about him which chills me. Those blue eyes like shifting tides. I wouldn’t want to risk swimming in there. He smiles and makes jokes, presents as an affable young man. But when I get too close I find unpleasant images seeping into… Read more

  • Beach Huts ~ A poem by Marc Woodward

    11th Dec 2019 by

    Beach Huts April means unlocking, sweeping off spidersand sand; putting out to air the rug,stripy beach towels and faded sun-loungers.Checking the kettle, rinsing out the mugs,closing the fridge for beer and lemonade.Dusting down the body-boards, bucket, spade. When they opened Springtide they found Alice,still as a waxwork in a garden chair,dry like blown sand, her… Read more

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