Sea Salt Breath ~ A poem by Ryan Dodge

Sea Salt Breath

The closer I grow
to the land of sand,
the unmistakable

scent of salty air;
natural, cleansing, freshness.
Each breath of serenity

fills my lungs and mind;
old pains swept away
straight out to sea.

I know they’ll be
sent back to me;
waves come and go.

But my home is the shore
on the edge
of blue eternity.

Ryan Dodge

Ryan Dodge is a writer of poetry and fiction, currently living in Los Angeles. When not writing, he is printing letterpress at Iron Curtain Press, enjoying the married life, and talking to his cats like they’re children. He has previously been published in The Dawntreader, Penwood Review and Chantwood Magazine.

He tweets @ryandodgewrites

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