The Warriors Order of March ~ A poem by Nick Goldsmith (former Royal Marine)

The Warriors Order of March

Everyman eventually learns, through due course of simply being
that way back when in the beginning, only seeing was believing.

Warriors brave though still young, wanting to prove worth in this world
the future ahead yet to play out and waiting to be unfurled.

Meeting with the enemy out on the battlefield
where they think their destinies are meant to be fulfilled.

After standing and being counted, long day after day
now gone is the sense of adventure, where heroism once lay.

Left are the tormented and heavy of the heart
a fire baptised soul, now plays its new part.

Deep in the forest, with rich earth under our feet
come faces fresh from battle, where metal met the meat.

The older humbled warriors having endured and yet not yield
now choose to teach next to a fire, whilst sitting on their shield.

No longer to be a part of the defensive wall
where man must often make its stand or suffer the ultimate fall.

Standing shoulder to shoulder through thick and thin
now with help and not alone, facing the demons within.

What is almost certain, is the next call to war
again we will see young fearless souls who step up to the fore.

With the tasks they are given never quite being complete
it is back into the forest, with rich earth under our feet.

This cycle will continue, of this I am sure
for only those who go will know, what truly happens in war.

Nick Goldsmith (former Royal Marine)

Nick Goldsmith is a former Royal Marine Commando, having served his country for 11 years during which he had six operational deployments seeing action over 4 tours of Afghanistan and further afield in specialist overseas operations. In 2018, Nick left the military after developing CPTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) to found Hidden Valley Bushcraft, a specialist provider of outdoor education and recreational experiences based in the South West of England.

Nick openly shares his story promoting the benefits of the great outdoors, the therapeutic attributes of spending time amongst trees, plants and flowers, and the proven positive impact these have on mental health management. His article ‘Back to nature ~ A personal account of CPTSD’, was published in Trends in Urology and Men’s Health, and provides a candid insight into his personal experience of complex post-traumatic stress disorder and the treatment he received for it.

It is his unique inspirational story of overcoming massive odds through the application of positive growth mindset, that has seen him become the CEO of an award winning outdoor business, a published writer and public speaker. He is supported by his wife and business partner, Louise. They tweet @HVBushcraft

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