A hop, A skip, A jump ~ A poem by Lynn Valentine

A hop, A skip, A jump

She carried you to the sea,
a push in the fluid of her womb,
negotiated slip of seaweed,
grit-red sandstone.

Ocean-cold, her feet placed
for a minute, just enough
to feel the pitch
of ice-sharp water,
a salt lick, undertow.

Later you’d do the same,
buoy me up in currents
of your own making,
keep me from the snag
of tides, the flood of foam.

Lynn Valentine

Lynn Valentine writes between dog walks on the Black Isle. Her work has been published online and in anthologies. She is organising her first poetry collection under the mentorship of Cinnamon Press after winning a place on their Pencil competition. She tweets @dizzylynn

Photo credit ~ @camiliacastillo at http://www.unsplash.com

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