SOMERSET BEACH ~ A poem by Zoe Brooks


A mist curls where
sandstone cliffs
born of deserts
meet the cold wash
of the Atlantic.
The tide reveals
plates of grey lias,
stacked stone books
slipping into pools,
where oystercatchers pick
at the slate sheets,
searching for winkles
among ammonites.
Time slips here too.
It coils like the fossils,
a fractal spiral
endless and returning.

Take the path from the beach,
past the shale kiln with ivy
smoking from the chimney,
past the teashop couched
in a chantry’s broken walls.
Do not pause.
You will be lost here,
a grain of sand in a galaxy.

Zoe Brooks

Zoe Brooks is from Gloucestershire. Indigo Dreams will be publishing Zoe’s first full collection in 2020. Her poems have appeared in various magazines, most recently in Obsessed With Pipework, Prole, Dreamcatcher and The Fenland Reed. Her long poem “Fool’s Paradise” received the EPIC award for best poetry ebook 2013. She tweets @ ZoeBrooks2

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