Sea (St Clair, 19th November 2017) ~ A poem by Shereen Asha Murugayah

St Clair, 19 November 2017

Tracking the sand
in perfect blue–green,
you leave a deep shine
rising from her face.

None of what you whisper is for me
so I slip this shell in my pocket,
let the sand trail warm there.

The next time I reach in,
I will remember
sand caking my toes
and your waves breaking me clean.

Shereen Asha Murugayah

Shereen Asha Murugayah was born and bred in Kuala Lumpur and lives in Dunedin. She received her PhD in biochemistry this year. Her poems have appeared in Rambutan Literary, The New Zealand Poetry Yearbook 2018 and Right Hand Pointing. She tweets as @Shereen_Asha

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