Coasting ~ A poem by Chaucer Cameron


Gretna Green
she still believes
in fairytales

pier on fire
only mud beneath waves
kittiwakes hover

silent movie
the house next door
has no blinds

sunset in winter
sudden downpour
they make a lovely couple

empty beach
white sand between toes

Chaucer Cameron

Chaucer Cameron has been published in journals and online including: The North 63 (forthcoming) and I am Not a Silent Poet. Her film poems have screened internationally at film and poetry festivals, including: Zebra (Berlin) Athens and Ledbury. Chaucer created Wild Whispers an international poetry film project. She runs poetry-film workshops in the UK and is co-editor of Poetry Film Live. She tweets @ChaucerCameron

Further information can be found by visiting the below links…

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