Dolphins ~ A poem by Peter Burrows


How many years were we so close, passing by
these same villages on family drives:
the harbour, the beach, climbing rocks unseeing
beyond our own world. No helpful signs back then
that such wonders we thought existed only
on TV were chasing shoals along this same stretch,
each summer. Fleeting moments missed – a gift
for that day – blessing anew a pastime and place.

Decades later, you returned. Further north,
nearer to shore, soon alone. But reaching out
and shown the seasons’ rhythm, you happened
upon them in those same haunts. On my annual
visits, I still stand where I used to stand
looking out to claim what was always there.

Peter Burrows

Peter Burrows’ poems have appeared widely. His poem Tracey Lithgow was shortlisted for theHedgehog Press 2019 Cupid’s Arrow Poetry Prize, and he was a co-winner in the Hedgehog Press 2019 Tree Poets Nature anthology.

He tweets @Peter_Burrows74 photo credit

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