On Walking to Fleet Church ~ A poem by Tee Francis

On Walking to Fleet Church

We trod the ancient coastal path
warm-baked on an April Sunday.
Felt the thud of our feet lay down
the desk-bound work of a digital week.
Swung the wind-worn kissing gate,
The Fleet stretched out its long sand arm,
held us close in the glistening heat.

Oystercatchers, egrets and terns
stalked the Chesil Beach lagoon
while we turned driftwood, shells and thoughts.
In peace, we walked to the small stone church,
ushered in by field-spun larks; the grassland
laced with fritillaries and bees.
We communed in the blessing of this day,
exhaled our praise into the breeze.

Tee Francis

On Walking to Fleet Church was first published in The Curlew 2017

Tee Francis lives in Dorset and performs her poetry in the South West. Her pamphlet, Sherbet Lemons, was published in 2019. She holds an MSc in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes and is interested in the use of poetry and journaling to overcome procrastination and to navigate complex PTSD.

Website: feelwrite.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/feelwriteUK/ She tweets @TeeFrancisPoet

Photo credit: the author

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