The boy who walked into the sea ~ A poem by Ruthie Starling

The Boy who walked into the sea

You travelled so far inland
you no longer heard her voice
ignored all her reminders.
The hiss of your salty blood
taste of your tears, cascade of your hair –
how could she make it clearer?

You no longer sensed her whispers
felt her throbbing need to absorb you
yet she has drawn you back to the shoreline
sure as tide-pull, hauled to account
for all the distance between then and now
let her wash away those yesterdays

she will percuss waves of soft sound magic
gently in your ears, tickling air and bubbles
piping if only, melting fire to ice
she’ll shower you with spindrift kisses
stop your mouth with gifts of liquid emeralds,
reclaim you as her own

Ruthie Starling

Ruthie Starling worked for many years as a psychotherapist.She lives in Shropshire as both writer and artist, where she writes with warmth, inspired by nature, family and mythology. Her belief in the unity of all living things underpins her work. Published by Emma Press, Fairacre Press, Three Drops, As Above, so Below. She tweets as @ruthiestarling

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