The blue lagoon – Abereiddy ~ A poem by Penny Sharman

The blue lagoon

Here’s a different shade of sea, sanctuary,
her flooded quarry of blue and green,
her depths of being alone by cliffs.

Here’s where divers and seekers come,
the cormorants and shags, they bomb
memories into clay and volcanic ash.

Here’s a wealth of blue, hypnotic pool,
myth of slate and salted water, together
a depth of turquoise, teal, this sea foam.

Here lies the magic of cerulean peace,
a roundness below heights, the song
of choughs, melody of lapping tides.

Here’s where anyone stands with fear,
stares into a common mirror, pyrite and feldspar,
these sapphire dreams and lapis worries.

We all long for a Pan moment and mermaid tales.
We once knew nothing but rock and water, flesh
and scale, silver of fin, our daily smiles of ignorance.

Penny Sharman

Penny has been writing poetry for over 15 years. Her pamphlet Fair Ground published by Yaffle press and her collection Swim With Me In Deep Water can be purchased from her website:
Penny is also an artist and photographer inspired by wild and natural landscapes. She tweets @Penycharm

Photo credit @VisitWales by Richie Poor

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