Getting there

Getting there

At the halfway mark, it feels
as if you’re falling apart.
Roadchef offers great deals
on donuts, call this number now
on the back of toilet doors,

then roadworks where
no-one’s working, slick yachts
in an urban harbour, stop-starts
through stop-go traffic, scraps
of sea at street-ends

and the blue sweep of bay,
its skipping kite-surfers, its slop
of small waves, ahead
the pebble bank’s grumble
and in the sunset, cliffs
brassy as trumpets.

Sharon Phillips

Sharon’s poems have been published in print and online. She won the Borderlines Poetry Competition in 2017, was among the winners of the Poetry Society Members’ Competition in November 2018 and was Highly Commended in the Bridport Prize (2019). Sharon has recently moved to Otley, in West Yorkshire, from the Isle of Portland. She tweets as @sharoncowling and more information can be found here ~

Photo credit ~ @redzeppelin at

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